Oil Pulling? Am I really going to do this?

Just so all of you know, in addition to being addicted to my crockpot (so much so that I have two of them and a mini one) I am also addicted to Pinterest. I’m guessing that there are more than one of you that can admit to this as well. I find myself stumbling over to the site every time I get bored. Or every time I’m on the computer (which sadly is an awful lot). Though I tend to be attracted more the the “Food and Drink” section as well as the “Geek” section, sometimes I’m daring enough to look at the”Health and Fitness” section.

That is where I stumbled upon this gem of a thing called oil pulling. Supposedly, it is supposed to help with oral hygiene as well as overall health and it didn’t seem like it would be an overly difficult thing to try so I feel like this is something I could do.

Le EVOOYou’re supposed to put coconut oil or sesame oil in your mouth and swish it there for 15-20 minutes and it will “pull” the toxins that have built up in your mouth out. Well, I don’t have either of those so I did a little more research and found that EVOO (that’s extra virgin olive oil for you non- Rachel Ray fans) will work as well. So here is my reaction to the first try.

Just awful
No, oh no, worse than cough syrup. no

Ugh. I don’t know if I can manage this. I put a tablespoon of the oil in my mouth. My reaction was:

1 minute in – “Omg! Why would someone do this? I don’t even like the oily feel of food in my mouth!” This is awful this is just awful.

5 minutes in – I’m pretty sure the oil is just sitting on top of the spit that is pooling in my mouth from not being able to swallow.

10 minutes in – is that timer ever going to beep?!

Did I?
Did I start the timer? Oops no

11 minutes in – Did I even press start on the timer? No… darn it!

15 minutes in – I give up, I can’t do 5 more minutes of this.

Ok, so apparently oil pulling is not my thing. I ran upstairs and brushed my teeth immediately. God bless those of you that can tolerate it, and I sincerely hope it works for you. That’s spectacular but this is just not my thing. Please share if you have tried this with success or without success or you know, you have a funny story about it. I want to know honestly who decided in the first place to just put a spoonful of oil in their mouth and wait around for 20 minutes. It just sounds like something that would come up in truth or dare or something. My determination… I’ll leave the oil for cooking.


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