A Sweet Helping for the Soul

Well, today I started off with quite the negative perspective. I woke up late and had to rush to get to mass. On top of that it was raining. Then I started craving something sweet. Darn. There is the worst part. I love to bake (as you will eventually see in this blog… I promise), however being that my husband gave up sweets for Lent I have no desire to throw him off.

But I wanted something sweet so terribly. It had been driving me crazy since I walked out of church. As I sat in my car, contemplating running to the corner store and picking up a candy bar (hubby would never have to know) I started thinking about sweet.


We often hear this word when referring to cakes and candies, desserts and delights. But we hear this word elsewhere as well.

“She has a sweet personality.”

“That was very sweet of you”

“What a sweet deal?!”

The more I thought about it, I didn’t need sweets for my stomach today. I didn’t need sweets for my taste buds today. I needed something sweet for my soul. Rather than dwelling on that chocolate craving, I turned on my phone and called my mom. We chatted about what seemed like nothing, but that was my first helping of sweet for the day.

I came home and walked in the door only to be greeted by my  sweet 6 month old puppy who showered me in sloppy puppy kisses. He didn’t care if I looked disheveled or my makeup was running because of the rain. My second helping of sweets.010

My husband helped me wash and dry the dishes after making breakfast then just sat with me on the couch as we enjoyed a cup of coffee (well, I enjoyed a cup of coffee) and a chat, talking about plans for next weekend, and ultimately the future. Yet another serving of sweets.

I thought more about the rain. Though it may seem depressing at the moment, it will help the trees grow, the grass to be green and bring life back to a dreary area. How sweet is that?!

Sometimes, I realize that we just have to adjust our thinking about what we really need day to day. At the beginning of the day, I thought I needed that chocolate. I thought I needed those sweets today. But what I realized is that I really already had enough sweets to fill my weekend.

I’d love to hear your soul-filling sweet stories with me. Leave them in the comments below!

Much love!


2 thoughts on “A Sweet Helping for the Soul

  1. I wish my *sweet* little boy would nap right now, but hearing his chit chat over the monitor is indeed a sweet treat! Thanks for the dose of perspective!


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