Lasagna Cups… They’re All the Rage!

Lasagna… ooey gooey delicious lasagna. What part of it is there not to like? Pasta? Yum. Cheese? Divine! Sauce? Woohoo!

I love lasagna, but I very rarely make it and usually lasagna noodles are not on the top of my shopping list at the grocery store. Lately however, after spending too many hours on Pinterest, I have determined that I desperately needed (ok maybe craved is a better word for it) lasagna. Alas, no lasagna noodles but I did happen to have some wonton wrappers that I had purchased for another recipe. I have made lasagna cups before once for my good friend Bud, following a recipe that I had found on… *drumroll please* …. Pinterest. But, today I added a few changes and threw in a few of my mother’s techniques.
Anyway, here is what happened. Recipe/ingredients to follow.
First, I browned some ground turkey breast. You could definitely use ground beef, which is more traditional, but I like ground turkey. Remember all of these recipes are to taste. Change them up; make them your own.
Definitely not ready
Definitely not ready
Then I chopped a small zucchini and green pepper. I had them in my refrigerator and had no other significant recipe to use them for, so… into the turkey they go.
Ok, you can see cooked turkey now :)
Ok, you can see cooked turkey now 🙂

Next, I added a jar of pasta sauce. You could use canned tomatoes if you prefer. Cook this for several minutes until the vegetables are tender. *Note: This makes A LOT of sauce, which you will not use all of , so I recommend saving it and using it for pasta another night or freezing for a later date



While that is all bubbling away, in a bowl mix your ricotta cheese, egg, mozzarella, parsley, salt and pepper.


It will look somewhat like mashed potatoes when you are done. Well, mine did anyway.


Then take your wonton wrappers and start placing them in your cupcake/muffin tin. I sprayed mine with some cooking spray because these are hand-me-down pans from my grandmother and they really are not non-stick.  On each wrapper place a small spoonful of the cheese mixture



and a spoonful of the sauce mixture.


Place another wrapper on top of each, then repeat the process.



Top with reserved mozzarella cheese and bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes.


Baked cups
Baked cups





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