Visit Home and Appreciation

So, I have been majorly slacking on updating my blog so today I have a little update. Sorry there will be no recipes today, just an update on what has been going on in my somewhat busy life.

First of all, today is Military Spouses Appreciation Day (which I was kindly reminded of by Facebook first, and my wonderful sister-in-law, Amanda) So first I want to send a shout out to all the wonderful military spouses that I have met. I am so blessed to know you and have you as part of my life. I know that being a military spouse is not always the easiest job in the world but we make it work. I give you all the respect in the world, especially those of you that have a deployed husband, or one who works ridiculous hours in the hospital while you sit home with a fussy baby (wink wink Amanda). I have been lucky enough to have my husband home most nights. Definitely not looking forward to inevitable deployments and field exercises.

My one and only
My one and only
Maybe a fussy baby, but an AMAZING little family
Maybe a fussy baby, but an AMAZING little family

Second of all, I am “home” in PA. I always feel wonderful being in my childhood home in the countryside. I thoroughly enjoyed talking about my new life in Louisiana and enjoying time sitting on the porch visiting with my mom. Honest to goodness it was not something I thought I would ever miss with the way she and I fought while living here. I think we are more alike than I always like to admit. We sat on the front porch today chatting and just enjoying the ridiculously nice weather that seems to have followed me here. It was around 50 degrees when I arrived and is now nearly 80! As we sat there talking I looked out and was enjoying the birds chirping, the grass turning green again, the trees starting to get their leaves back, and my eyes landed upon my grandpa’s garden.

God bless my grandpa, he’s 82 and still gets out in that garden every year growing some of the best vegetables I’ve ever had in my life. I was spoiled in that sense growing up. We always had fresh vegetables from the garden every summer and we canned vegetables to have in the winter. There is nothing that really tastes better to me than a fresh cucumber still warm from the sun. Now that I don’t have that in Louisiana, I miss it terribly. This also brings up something that I’ve heard a lot about and my sister-in-law is getting me into. She introduced me to a book called Real Food by Nina Planck.
Admittedly, I have not yet finished the book, but what I have read thus far really makes a lot of sense. Getting back to eating real food is something I’m really interested in doing, so as I go through this journey I want to share with you recipes and tips that I find along the way in addition to successes and failures and I hope you share as well.

real food book

I’ve already talked my husband into building me some raised beds in our itty bitty back yard so that I can grow some tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. I already have my sights set on growing fresh herbs in my kitchen. Since I love baking my own bread I am looking forward to transitioning to using whole wheat flour and having real butter again. I know it’s going to be a challenge working those processed foods out of our lives, but hey, it’s worth it right?

If you’re already shifting back to eating real food, let me know your thoughts. How do you feel? What are the biggest challenges?


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