Mother’s Day “Feast”

Hello all! I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother’s Day. I had a great day spending time with my mom and my grandma, two ladies I rarely get to see because of the big move to Louisiana. I had been racking my brain trying to figure out what to do for my mom for that special day to celebrate moms everywhere but I just couldn’t think of one thing that I really wanted to purchase that she didn’t already have or really needed. She’d already gotten cards, flowers, candy, and wine. I simply did not want to duplicate the gifts. They were all wonderful things that she received but I decided that because I am rarely here that I would do what do best. I would cook.

Mom spent countless hours as we were growing up preparing delicious meals for her family. Many times with zero thanks from any of us because we really couldn’t appreciate what she did for us. Many nights were met with moans and groans of what we were having for dinner. God bless the woman she rarely complained even about doing all the dishes with no help afterwards. High and low of it: sometimes we were bratty kids that were more focused on our video games and TV shows than helping our mother out in the kitchen.

Mom still spends a ton of time in the kitchen doing various things: baking cookies for numerous weddings, preparing meals for sick friends, and sharing meals with my grandparents who sometimes have a really difficult time preparing meals. My lovely mom is so incredibly generous, and as much as I sometimes joke about it, I would be proud to end up half the woman that she is.

Anyway, because I am not here all that often, Mom mostly cooks for herself… and of course she still has all the dishes to do herself. I informed her earlier in the week that I was going to cook her dinner for Mother’s Day, so she should pick what she wanted. I of course had my own ideas of what I wanted to make, but this was her day, so she picked out some pork tips from the grocery store, some fresh green beans, and requested that I make homemade bread.

photo 3So here’s my take on our Mother’s Day feast. I made the pork tips by marinating them in some BBQ sauce and a can of cola for about 3 hours. Yes, I know I just talked about transitioning into real food. Yes, I know cola is not “real food.” I am a slow learner so give me time. Then, I baked them for an hour at 275 degrees. About 30 minutes in I gave them a turn so they would cook evenly. After the hour, I fired up the grill to finish them off with a nice char. They were AMAZING!  

*Note that you really need to watch them once they are on the grill. The fatty parts will catch fire…. not that that happened or anything…. cough cough…

photo 1Next I made the green beans. I cleaned them and snapped the ends off, tossed them in a little olive oil, sprinkled on some salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese, and “roasted” them in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes. They came out warm, crisp, and absolutely delicious. I think it’s quite possibly my new favorite way to prepare green beans.

photo 2Finishing off the meal was the bread that I had prepared earlier today. The recipe for that is here  so I won’t bore you with all the details for that. Mom was so pleased with the meal and we both had plenty to eat. She even graciously helped with the dishes even though I told her not to worry, that I would take care of them. I guess once a mom, always a mom.

Recipes coming soon! Check back in the recipe box later for the green beans and pork tips.


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