Shall We Try This Blog Thing Again?

Hello readers! I don’t know how many of your still follow me on here especially since I disappeared off of the blogosphere ages ago. I got wrapped up in life and totally let blogging go by the wayside but they say if you fall down 9 times get back up 10. So here I am blogging again. I’ll try to post recipes I find, Pinterest Wins/Fails, random thoughts on life an decorating now that I’ve adjusted to married life, and I don’t know, whatever else I feel like.

It occurs to me that there are a few of you that might return to reading this site after this post and and there are some that will read this and never return again. Either way, it is your choice. I do hope however that if you make the phenomenal choice of returning that you will get some enjoyment out of these posts and potentially try some new things.

I can’t wait to share with you all the crazy and new happenings in my life and hope you share yours with me too. Until next time remember, it’s a Purdy Good Life.


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